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Wood Shield:

This is a water-based product that is used for woodwork and has an acrylic coating. GreenLeaders Wood Shield is extremely flexible and has very good weathering and penetrating properties.

Wood Shield Properties:

  • Long-lasting
  • UV resistant
  • Water-based
  • The temperature to apply is 25 degrees C and surface temperature should not be below 10 degrees C
  • As the product has very good UV resistance, the product may need minimal maintenance
  • Very good to use for woodwork and on wood surfaces that need protection

Wood Shield Technical data:

Spread rate: 10-12 m2

Water resistance: Very High

Finish: Semi-Gloss

Colour: Can come in clear and all standard colors. It is a milky color when it is a liquid.


Black, Charcoal, Green, Modern Brown, Modern Red, Terracotta


1 Liter, 5 Liters, 20 Liters

1 review for Wood Shield

  1. Trisston

    This wood shield works so well, best investment I’ve made! I’d 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to get something to protect their deck chairs or any other wooden furniture!

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